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It’s sad how short the good things in our lives are in fact actually in our lives. Why can’t we keep those things forever; friends, family members, pets, perfect cup of coffee.

Today I said goodbye to a dear friend from NC. He was the first person I met when i moved here and we grew quite a bit together. Road trips, pet watching, movies, wine and coffee. He even shared the crazy week of Thanksgiving w me and my family. This feels like a break up?!?!

I took a picture above that made me think of fleeting points in life. Zoe’s fluff is there and up front. She’s my little princess and demands attention. The further back in the picture Is my water cup. “What’s your name” the barista asked; Matt. And thus Ben, which happens often, was created. What a short lifespan ‘Ben’ will have. Then in the background you can barely make me out in the reflection of a window. Everything ends, especially the good things.

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